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Housing Market Bubbling Hot

The housing market is bubbling away on a steady, rolling boil. Like a pot of jam on the hob, it requires a watchful eye and considered intervention to avoid it boiling over and creating...

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In The News

Another busy media week for Your Mortgage Decisions experts. UKIP’s canny appointment of an Independent Financial Adviser as an Economic Adviser makes for interesting reading in Money Marketing. Dominik Lipnicki highlights the gap in...

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In The News

 Lots of media for YMD Director Dominik Lipnicki this week. Read his comments on Mark Carney’s performance as Bank of England Governor in this week’s Money Marketing and in Mortgage Strategy Dominik’s...

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Annuities Pensions Probe

It is interesting news indeed that the financial services regulator, the FCA, is investigating annuities. One to watch! Too many pensioners are losing out unnecessarily.